Top Ways to Avoid Impotence


Do you want to avoid impotence? Impotence is an issue no man wants to face. After all, it affects their ability in bed, which can be embarrassing, even frustrating. Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. And here, we will tell you the top ways to avoid impotence.

Getting healthy

Indeed. You can get better health by:

  • Maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Monitoring and controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Being physically active.
  • Losing weight. If you have extra weight, it may have a negative impact on your cardiovascular health, which may lead to impotence. So, lose some weight if you are overweight.
  • Quitting smoking. Smoking affects the blood flow as well as neuro-signals, that provide the right blood circulation in the penile area. If you are smoking, stopping it will help you avoid impotence.
  • Stop drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Getting enough sleep.

Often, the deterioration of blood vessel is the primary cause of impotence. You should have healthy vessels, which allows correct blood circulation.

Physical exercise

Regular exercises are always a good for your overall health as well as improving your sexual life. If you have bad habits, they can influence negatively on your erectile function.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and do exercises regularly, then it can help you to enhance blood circulation and treat erectile dysfunction. So you need to make exercises 3-4 times a week or every day half an hour to keep normal blood circulation and blood pressure.

Moreover, regular exercise is necessary to be in good shape and prevent overweight. Thus, making it an excellent prevention for impotence.

Exercises for erectile dysfunction

It can help avoid impotence. In fact, it is known to be very effective method to enhance your erectile function. They are analogous to the PC exercises or Kegel exercises that are made by women. You need to compress the PC muscle. According to a study in Bristol, participants who suffer from impotence reported that their conditions have improved after doing the exercise for 3 to 6 months.

The scientists also compared the efficiency of erectile dysfunction exercises and Viagra. They believe that if you do these exercises regularly, you will prevent impotence. After all, they strengthen the muscles that surround the penis, thus improving the blood circulation and erections hardness.

Being aware of diabetes

Yes. Why? Because diabetes is one of the causes of impotence. A lot of people disregard it. If you have diabetes, then your blood sugar levels are high, and it can cause damage to the blood vessels thus causing ED.

Diabetes is caused primarily by bad diet and extra weight (another reason why you’d want to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to avoid impotence).