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Overview of Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

There are many several ways you can enlarge your penis naturally. And here, we will talk about two of them, namely enlargement using devices (such as extender and pump) and exercise.


Penis extender works using basic science. Have you ever worked out in the gym? The principle applied in penis extender is more or less like when you work out in the gym. First, you exercise, then your muscles are broken down, repaired and then becoming bigger.

How to do

Start with inserting your penis into the device. These devices tend to come with comfort point, and they are adjustable as well, so it can be used with any penis size. Here, your aim is to find a stretching point. A stretching point is a point where you can put your penis so that it can be stretched to the smallest extent.


The pump does appear and look uncomfortable. However, some people reported that this device brings them the result.

How to do

Place the pump over your penis. Next, pump out the air of the cylinder. In doing so, you create a vacuum. This vacuum is necessary since it draws blood towards your penis shaft. It will then make an erection to happen.

The last on our list is the penis enlargement pumps. Don’t be mistaken. They appear and look uncomfortable. Yet, the science suggests that they can work really well. If you want to enlarge your penis, you need to do this method for a prolonged period.


Penis enlargement exercise, also known as jelqing, has been used for centuries as a method for penis enlargement. And yes, this process actually works. However, do not expect an overnight miracle. Sure, you can get what you want, but it will take some time. Persistence is key.

How to do

First, before you start make sure you lubricate your penis. You can use Vaseline, baby oil or other penis lubricants.

Next, slightly stroking your penis and bring your penis erection level to 50 to 75%. Make sure that your penis is relaxed enough that it is easy to push blood through it. Note: never perform this with a full erection.

Use your thumb and index finger and make an OK grip.

Place your grip around your penis base, as close as you can to your pubic bone.

With light pressure on the grip, move it up your penis slowly. The ideal pressure is one that does not hurt but can effectively push blood up your penis.

Stop your grip before it reaches your penis glans. That’s it. It counts as one jelq. Repeat the process. Do it for 5 to 20 minutes. Don’t overdo it.

Is It Worth to Use Female Sexual Enhancement Cream to Boost Your Desire?

Of course, especially if you have low sex drive and/or suffering from vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness affects women for various reasons. It can be caused by stress, menopause or simply because the spark is gone. When you are not in the mood, it ‘s hard to get wet. And there are few things that are more irritating or painful than a dry sex.

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, you need not worry. There are many ways you can deal with this problem. One of them is by using a female sexual enhancement cream.

Female enhancement cream

The female enhancement cream, compared to lubricant, may be a safer option. This is particularly the case for women who are concerned with synthetic ingredients and irritations. Usually, these creams are natural products, made of ingredients that have been used since ancient times, which stimulate blood flow to the genitals and improving the ability to obtain an orgasm. The female enhancement creams act immediately (that is, less than 60 seconds) and are water-based as well as condom compatible. We can receommend certain products like Vigorelle, HerSolution Gel, Lyriana. You can compare these enhancement creams on this site

Since these creams are a relatively new offering, you might face a bit difficulty finding them. Still, with their combination of natural ingredients, compatibility with condoms and absence of irritants, these creams appear to be relatively safer than vaginal lubricants. After all, there is no reported side effect.


The effects of female enhancement creams happen immediately after application. That being said, the effects may not be extremely long lasting.

The primary function of the creams is to engorge your vaginal and clitoral areas. This results in intensified sexual experience. Keep in mind that the effect will wear down over a couple of minutes. You will experience an increase in vaginal lubrication due to blood flow increase. And unless there is sensitivity, you can continue to reapply it as needed.


As we mentioned earlier, the creams are safe. First, they are made from natural ingredients. Second, these creams are used externally instead of internally. You can feel safe using these creams as long as you follow the recommendation. Just apply the cream only on the outer parts of your genitals. That’s it.

If you are still concerned about the safety, some manufacturers give you 60-day return policy. Before you apply it to your genital area, you might want to test on your skin first. Yes, just to check if it might cause skin irritation. Just apply a small amount of it on your less sensitive skin and see what happens.

Is it worth using these creams?

The answer is yes. They are safe to use and most importantly, they do work, they do help you increase your sex drive.